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Background Layout Designs

Greetings and welcome to my site. I'm a designer & illustrator and have worked on many projects and animated television series.  If you need experience with traditional or digital animation, you've come to the right place!

Fine Art

Rusted LidsThe world is so busy. Our days are jammed packed, running around trying to keep up. In our wake, we leave much behind. Discarded, worn out, broken.

The objects I collect once were all new, like a shiny new penny.  On their journey they have picked up layers of texture, associations and meaning.  All these overlooked objects pass through their own circle of life, much like we do.  They are a reflection of us, what we were, what we are, and perhaps more importantly where we are headed.

All things are tied together one way or another.  So it is my attempt to provide the passerby a quiet place to stop and rest for a moment.  An opportunity to look closely, reflect and wonder at the beauty and complexity of it all.

Visit the Fine Art album on my Portfolio page to see examples of these pieces.

Spencer G. Davis

Spencer for Hire

Contact me any time, I'd love to hear about your project.  My Resume and Portfolio will give you an idea of my experience and style.

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